UTS PoP - The unit that Connects

Our Advantages

We see ourselves as a system provider of PoP stations. With us, you get the complete package. Together, we design the heart of your fiber optic network and drive your expansion forward.

01. Consultation

We are a full-service-provider

Our sales team is based on a trained team of technology-enthusiastic employees according to your requirements. Our team works with you to develop a concept and puts it on paper. Our technicians check the feasibility of your request and support the sales department in determining your optimal product combination. From the ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) to the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), our employees advise you purposefully in order to be able to complete your project on time.

Feel free to arrange a consultation today.

02. Production


Our precast concrete production is geared towards the fast delivery (8 -12 weeks) of PoP stations. We have different formwork sizes that can be adapted to your customer needs. Our latest modular formwork allows us to produce technical stations up to a size of 32 square meters.

Our production capacities are designed for up to 2000 PoP stations per year. Thus, large-scale projects and the delivery of high quantities can also be realized.

03. Interior design

We are professionals

In addition to our hall for the production of technical buildings made of reinforced concrete, our expansion hall for interior fittings is adjacent. In this hall, up to 100 PoP stations can be expanded at the same time. The approximately 80 employees are divided into various expansion teams and specialize in handling the required electrical and fiber optic components. Through regular training, our fitters are very familiar with the installation and handling of numerous products, from various manufacturers.


04. Transport & Crane

Your location our service

Our services and our complete package also include the installation service consisting of transport and crane service. After notification of the site, we take care of the necessary permits, site visits, planning of the routes, installation of traffic lights and the necessary road closures, in the respective region and thus reduce the customer effort to a minimum.

PoP stations can be lifted into the construction pit prepared for this purpose within a few minutes and find their place in your fiber optic network.

05. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The complete package is rounded off by the civil engineering and grounding of the PoP station. In advance, we set up the construction site professionally and carry out the necessary earthworks including removal of the excavated earth.

After successful positioning, the station is grounded and measured by means of depth earther. The resulting measured values are logged and handed over on the same day, including the entire documentation.